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We had a great experience working with Nicole.

She was knowledgeable, thoughtful, and hard working. Nicole was extremely helpful and patient throughout the entire process. Thank you!!

Jackie Romero

Nicole was very easy to work with, she was proactive proactive in getting things done fast and efficiently, maintaining constant communication and helping us with any questions or concerns we had.

Chris Clark

Nicole is great!

She took the time to listen to all my wants and needs. So that she could do her best to check off my list. I feel she worked diligently to find me the perfect place to call my forever home! Thank you again!

Shawnda DeCourse

Nicole was super friendly and knowledgeable, kept us updated during the entire process.

Cherie Ambrose

Nicole sold our home in less than a week!

She gave us solid advice about preparing our home - and it was right on the mark. She is delightful to be around, and a great communicator. I love working with Nicole! This is my second time. I'd hire her a 3rd time in a heartbeat!

Joy Simpson

As first time home buyers we were slightly nervous about the whole process.

Nicole was there throughout the whole thing and always willing to help. She quickly responded to any questions we had and made us feel like her top priority. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a home.

Michael A Blackthorn

Nicole went above and beyond with the entire home buying process.

She helped us for over a year find our perfect home.

Tori Hayes

Nicole is an excellent person, she is very responsible, flexible, hard worker and friendly.

She is always willing to support you in any way. Some of her skills are good organization, people skills, respectful and great coordination.

Alejandra Carvajal

Nicole was amazing!

! She was very calming and reassuring when we ran into some obstacles. She was always thinking of ways to keep our home as visable as possible. She was also very good at keeping us informed and updated as the process moved forward. She answered all our questions along the way. We highly recommend her.

Debbie Goodrich

STOP looking for a realtor, and call Nicole now.

She is a pleasure to work with, and she goes above and beyond in getting the best price for your house. Nicole marketed the best features of a 45 year old house “as is” and sold the house the weekend that it went on the market. She knows the Beavercreek market and made selling a house fun!

Chantal Spurdon

Nicole was amazing to work with to find our dream home!

We had never purchased a home before, and she was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. Nicole was very timely in responding to the myriad of questions we asked, and she was flexible to help us when it fit our schedule. She also was great with our boys (4 and 1 year old); our oldest said that they will be friends forever! If you and your family need a realtor, Nicole will be more than able to help you!!

Neal and Kaitie F.

Nicole did a great job for us!

She was on top of our needs and did things that we did not expect from an agent. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for real estate.

Ava Davis

From beginning to end Nicole always made her self available and was very easy to work with.

She had sound advice and made the entire process easy no matter how difficult we made it on her.

Michael B

Nicole was great to work with; she was attentive, efficient, and engaging throughout the purchasing process.

Joyce Porter

Agent was patient, hard working, attentive and made herself available every time we had a home to look at.

She worked as hard as we did. Couldn't have asked for more from a company. Very professional.

Robert Stewart

Nicole did a great job making time to do the little things that helped with our experience.

Darren Davis

Nicole is amazing.

She is great at communication, she is a team player, she has a great family, cannot say enough.

Jennifer Shimizu

With so many moving parts in purchasing a home, something is bound to go wrong causing potential delays or other headaches.

Buying a home during a pandemic is certainly no exception. Thankfully we had Nicole. To say she went ‘above and beyond’ is such an understatement. She answered every question so quickly and if she didn’t know the answer she found it and got back to us in no time! I can’t thank her enough for her dedication and hard work! I would absolutely recommend her!

Mike and Kendra Blackthorn

Nicole was quick to respond, always answered my questions and never made me feel rushed in making a decision.

Michelle Unsworth

All around a awsome realtor!

!! Fast responding, very knowledgeable, and gets it done!!! Highly recommend to any one looking for a great reliable realitor!

Daniel Donahue

Nicole was great at helping me with this remote sale, and providing prompt answers to my many questions.

She was also very knowledgeable about comparable sales, which helped with determining the right sell price, and getting us the most for the house.

Stephen Simpson

Nicole is very attentive and supportive.

She was also very courteous, professional, and dedicated to getting the job done. I would highly recommend her!

Megan Behr

She was on top the ball with everything.

She was quick to respond and took care of everything professionally and treated us like we were her family. I would highly recomend her to everyone who is looking to buy a house.

Tyler Southerland

Nicole has a great personality.

She's always on time, and makes herself easily available. We had some very particular needs in a house; Nicole worked hard to find just the right house, and it took us some time to find it, but we did it! She was faithful and committed to helping us. We enjoyed every interaction with her.

Teresa K Craver

I have not purchased a home in over 12 years.

Nicole made buying a new home smooth and easy. She went above and beyond to bring me up to date in the things I had didn't know. She listened and answered all my questions. She even helped me in finding an agent to sell my home in Arizona. She did an amazing job!!

Katherine Clark

She was very responsive at any time.

Sandra Bugarui

Nicole made it great.

She has a great sense of humor which made house hunting fun but she was very professional when it came down to getting things done.

Ashlie Brandenburg

Nicole is the most down to earth person.

She seriously met every need we wanted. We truly can’t be more grateful for her. She also makes sure when your freaking out that you eventually feel like everything will be right with the world. I can’t thank her enough!!!

Brandi Southerland

Nicole gave great advice on the sale of our.

Her advice was to NOT put crazy amounts into the rehab as I would not see the return. She backed this up with solid estimates of what to expect selling as is vs selling fixed up. This really illustrated that the margin between the two was much narrower than previously led to believe by another realtor. This helped set a budget on what to put into the house and ended up selling for more than I would have thought possible.

Adam Fritzsche

We wanted an aggressive agent to help us get top dollar in the sale of our house and couldn’t be more pleased with the experience.

Top notch, professional and excellent communications.

Trisha Stewart

It was clear from day 1 that Nicole was not just trying to make a sale.

She took the time to truly listen to what we wanted in our new home and helped us find our forever home! She is very responsive, knowledgeable, and answered all our questions. I highly recommend Nicole to anyone looking for a home!

Carleigh Donahue

Nicole was very honest and gave us clear, concise directives on how best to update and sell our home.

She was knowledgable, friendly, and kept us updated frequently throughout our process. We couldn't have asked for a better agent. Because of her, we had offers within 48 hours of posting and got more than we had hoped for. Thank you!

Courtney Fritzsche

Attention to detail and communication was great!

We felt like we had an advocate on our side helping us navigate the entire process.

Steve Stewart

What made it great?

? Oh my goodness I dont know what you're character limit is but I dont think its high enough for the things I can say(found out its only 500 haha) So Ill simplify it by saying as a first time home buyer, having Nicole as my realtor was absolutely fantastic. No matter what time, she always texted and called to update me or ask me questions! Their were so many moments of stress but Nicole was on top of it as much if not more than me!! I am happy and impressed. She's #1.

Daniel Moore

Nicole is a very cooperative and energetic person.

She is very honest and works well with everyone. I would recommend her services to anyone. She is willing to put in the time and hard work in finding you your dream home.

Veronica Varela

Nicole was wonderful to work with!

She was professional and great with communication. She gave us her honest advice and did everything she could to get us the best offer on our home! We would definitely work with her again!

Bre and Corey Lee

Nicole was amiable, and personal.

She took time to explain & attentive to my concerns. Nicole could make me felt at ease and work-out solutions. She also gave me the impression that shes strives to be the best in what she does, even though it's difficult & at times seems to be painful, but she does not quit. She is a very responsible person, who I could trust to resolve problems at hand. Nicole is heartfelt sincere person, who does care, more than just lips.

Ewen Lee

Nicole was amazing to work with and helped us buy our dream home!

Will Porter

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